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American ARcher

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Host Tom Nelson shares his five decades of archery experience on the American Archer television series.

American Archer is consistently in Outdoor Channel’s top ten most watched programs.

A blend of bow hunting action and information, this series has been recognized with multiple awards.

In January 2019, American Archer won the Fan Favorite in the Educational/General Information category for the 19th Annual Outdoor Sportsman Group Awards.

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The critically acclaimed series GunDog TV highlights the bond between bird hunters and their dogs.

Combining both waterfowl and upland bird hunting, GunDog TV features a wide variety of gun dogs at work in the field.

The show also feature various tips related to dog training and nutrition, as well as safe firearm handling and instructional content.

GunDog TV recently won the Fan Favorite in the Waterfowl/Upland Hunting category for the 19th Annual Outdoor Sportsman Group Awards.

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Outdoor America

Since it’s first season in 1994, Outdoor America has featured outdoor entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

In 2017, industry veteran Joe Thomas took over the reins of Outdoor America. The shows which Joe hosted were among the highest rated in the show’s 25 year history.