Wolf Creek Productions is proud to have a long-standing relationship with Outdoor Channel that began in 1993.

Some of our current titles include:



Cabela's american archer

Tom Nelson shares over three decades of archer experience with viewers of Cabela's American Archer. His down-to-earth approach has helped make this series a fan favorite for over 15 years.

Gun dog Tv presented by cz-usa

A series focused on the devoted relationship between hunters and their bird dogs, Gun Dog TV is hosted by bird hunting veterans Randy Lack and Burce Horrell. This series brings the passion of bird hunting to the forefront of outdoor TV with the real stars being the bird dogs that join Randy and Bruce on their hunts.


Excalibur's outdoor america

Excalibur's Outdoor America is the longest-running series on Outdoor Channel. Since its debut in 1994, EOA has been on the cutting of edge of outdoor entertainment, taking viewers from the remote islands of Alaska to the plains of the Kalahari Desert and the fields of the American Midwest.